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- Reach your goals in 90 days!

    *Customized, expert training. Train like a celebrity without the 

         celerity prices 

- Certified Personal training at your fingertips!

   *Strength is sexy, injuries aren't. Train right, train smart!

-Train anytime & anywhere!

      *Gym, home, or outside - your program fits your life

- Learn how to maintain your results!

    *No quick trend diets that have you "yo-yoing". It's YOUR life, take control! 


Optional trainings



-Meal prepping 


I teach you how to start and maintain your healthier life.

By combining lessons from my own fitness journey, years of research, and what I have learned through years of helping others achieve their goals, I've built a dynamic program that goes beyond a simple workout. You get real hands-on attention that goes wherever you go. No waiting until your next gym session or appointment time, your trainer is there to help. 

More than a workout

-Support beyond just the workout

-Incorporate your fitness journey into your life

-Learn how to maintain results

-Nutrition coach/advising 

-One on one training experience

-Hands on coaching 

-Focus on:

    *the mental


    *physical experience

by a training professional 


Want to kick it up a notch?!?!

Grab a friend or do this just for you, and take the best practices workshop. Antoinette walks you through best time management practices, tips to make planning your meals easier, guided imagery, and more!

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